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The Workshop

Self Expression: Path to Mindfulness

Each of us has been through trauma in our lives. In this workshop we will not spend fruitless time comparing our tragedies, measuring whose tragedy is worse or whose pain is deeper because pain is pain. Comparisons lead to evaluating the worth of one person’s story against another person’s story and this is a non-judgmental space. This is not a support group although participants are expected to be supportive of one another. This workshop is designed to help you move through lingering effects of personal trauma by learning evidence based skills and techniques for a more enjoyable life using mindfulness techniques and writing exercises.

This workshop includes education about poetry and other forms of creative writing for emotional healing. Research using brain imaging shows artistic forms such as music and poetry cause simultaneous reactions in different parts of the brain. Poetry can be a tool for self directed growth. Writing exercises will be provided that are easy, non-threatening and built on flexible frameworks rather than strict forms. You will also be able use writing and reading poetry as tools to discover and/or enhance your own creativity.

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